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Latest Papers Omid Sedigh*

Title Author
An outcomes analysis of penile prosthesis implantation following radical cystoprostatectomy and urinary diversion: a multicentric retrospective cohort study Omid Sedigh*
Self-Expandable Covered Metallic Stent (UVENTA) to Treat a Ureteral Stricture After Renal Transplant: A Case Report Omid Sedigh*
A Single-center Analysis on the Learning Curve of Male-to-Female Penoscrotal Vaginoplasty by Multiple Surgical Measures Omid Sedigh*
A prospective multicentric international study on the surgical outcomes and patients' satisfaction rates of the 'sliding' technique for end-stage Peyronie's disease with severe shortening of the penis and erectile dysfunction Omid Sedigh*
Sexual function after surgical treatment for penile cancer: Which organ-sparing approach gives the best results? Omid Sedigh*
Two-sided urethra-sparing reconstruction combining dorsal preputial skin plus ventral buccal mucosa grafts for tight bulbar strictures Omid Sedigh*
Surgical management of hypogonadic patients with hypotrophic testicles and small penis: a novel, combined technique with an infrapubic approach Omid Sedigh*
Male urethral strictures: a national survey among urologists in Italy Omid Sedigh*