Founders - Akio Horiguchi - Asian Pacific Society of Reconstructive Urology and Andrologic Surgeons

Akio Horiguchi Urinary reconstruction surgery
Saitama, Japan

Akio Horiguchi

Associate Professor, Department of Urology
National Defense Medical College

  • Position:                   Lecturer
  • Specialized field:      Urinary reconstruction surgery (personal website
  • Research Areas:      Urinary tract revival
  • Qualification etc.:
    1. Japan Urology Association specialist, supervisor
    2. Deputy Director, Emergency Trauma Medical Subcommittee, Japan Urology Association
    3. Audio Visual Journal of JUA Monitor Committee
    4. Japan Rehabilitation Medical Association Certified Doctor
    5. Japan Urological Endoscopy Society Laparoscopic Technology Certified Person 
    6. Japan Endoscopic Surgery Society Technical Certified Doctor
    7. Japan Cancer Treatment Certified Medical Organization Cancer Treatment Certified Doctor
    8. Japanese Medical Association Certified Industrial Physician
    9. medical doctor