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Ng Lay Guat Female Urology & Adolescent Urology Fellowship

Ng Lay Guat

Dr Ng Lay Guat graduated from Singapore University in 1992 and obtained her post-graduate degree in Surgery FRCS in 1996, and FAMS (Urology) from the Academy of Medicine, Singapore in 2001. She obtained her Female Urology & Adolescent Urology Fellowship after spending one year at the Institute of Urology, London, UK from 2002 to 2003.

Dr Ng is the immediate past Head of Department, Senior Consultant and Director of Female Urology & Transplant, Department of Urology, Singapore General Hospital. 

Dr Ng was the award winner of the Chapter of Surgeon’s Gold medal in 1996 and winner of Yahya Cohen medal in 1996. She has numerous publications in local and international journals as well as actively involved in research. Dr Ng’s clinical and research fields of interest include Female Urology & Incontinence, Reconstructive Urology, Adolescent Urology, and Renal Transplantation.


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